Abraham Pleads for Sodom, Genesis 18:16 - 18:33.


The men get up to head toward Sodom.

Abraham goes with them to bring them on the way.

The Lord ponders hiding his intentions concerning Sodom from Abraham since Abraham will become a great nation and always do the Lord's bidding and command his children to keep the Lord's way.

The Lord tells Abraham anyway.

The Lord says because Sodom and Gomorrah's cries are grievous and their sin is great (or vice versa, maybe), he is headed down there to give them what for if they actually do deserve what for which is why he is headed down to judge them.

The three visitors head toward Sodom.

Abraham stands before the Lord and says, "Hold up a minute!"

Abraham asks God if he'll also destroy the righteous with the wicked.

Abraham asks God a word problem: If there are 50 righteous people in the walls of Sodom, will you still destroy the city and not spare it for the 50 righteous people's sake?

Abraham tells God how to be God.

God says he will spare the city if he finds 50 righteous people but, you know, don't hold your breath.

Abraham says, "Look at the size of my balls! I'm dust and ash and I'm questioning God!"

Abraham changes his math question: If the 50 righteous people are lacking 5 righteous people, will you destroy the city due to however many righteous people are left?

God says he will spare the city if he finds 45 righteous people since Sodom is just as likely to not have 45 as 50.

Abraham is on a roll and asks about 40 righteous people.

God says he'll spare the city for 40 righteous people.

Abraham says, "Don't get mad but I've got another possibility! What about 30?"

God says, "Seriously, there aren't 30 righteous people there, so, yeah, I'll agree to that."

Abraham says, "Look at me talking to God!"

Abraham wonders if God would leave the city alone if he found 20 righteous people.

God says, "Yes, yes. I'll save it if I find twenty."

Abraham snaps his fingers at the logical mind trap he's set for God and nails him with his final question: "This is my final question! What if you found only ten righteous people?"

God says, "Sure, no problem. If I find ten righteous people, I will not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. But, seriously, you can hear them rutting from here!"

God goes away and Abraham returns to his place.


Question God and Religion!

Why does God ponder hiding his intentions from Abraham? He intimates it is because Abraham is so Godly and Just. Do you think he was just trying to avoid the twenty questions game he ends up having with Abraham? Is Abraham too just even for God who likes to throw lots of babies out with their bath water?

Who are the three men traveling with God? It would be nice if God would introduce them to Abraham. Maybe they're Health Inspectors?

Why is this Chapter mostly just Abraham changing the numbers in his word problem? Does he even know who God is? Does Abraham think God would have just laughed at him if he asked about 10 righteous people straight off? Does he think he's fooling God or setting up some sort of logic trap? Why does he think God doesn't know where this chain of questions is heading?

Why does Abraham stop at 10 righteous people? Does Abraham think Sodom must have at least 10 people and there's no further reason to go lower? Or does Abraham finally think he's pushed the limit of God's patience with his stupid questions?

Do you think God keeps assuring Abraham he won't destroy Sodom if he finds the amount of righteous people Abraham asks about because God knows Sodom won't have nearly that many?

Abraham really doesn't care about Sodom or Gomorrah. As we've seen earlier, he's just trying to look out for his nephew Lot. Why doesn't he just ask God to let Lot and his family go before destroying Sodom? Maybe if Abraham were honest about his real intentions (either with God or himself), he wouldn't have looked like such an idiot in this Verse. Um, unless Abraham really is that goody-goody.

What the heck does 'peradventure' mean? Is that something like 'per person'? What does it have to do with any kind of adventuring?

Were you surprised that God didn't slap Abraham for being an uppity Follower? Why does Abraham think he needs to tell God what kind of a God God is? I'm pretty sure God knows what kind of a God He is. I think God allows Abraham to keep talking because he already knows Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction has been written on the bathroom wall.

How low did you think God was going to go? Do you think Abraham should have been content to stop at ten righteous people? I'm pretty sure God isn't going to find that many since we all know Sodom and Gomorrah will be destroyed (especially since that's the next Chapter's Parenthetical Heading).

Did you think I would ask more Study Questions? This Chapter seemed sort of long but there really wasn't much to it since most of it was taken up by Abraham's haggling math problem.


Word Problems

Scientists like to use word problems to find out which train they should take to their Sciencecons to get there before everyone else gets there. They also use word problems to figure out how many people can fit in the auditorium where their nerd speeches will be given. Unless those problems don't need words since they're probably just volume problems. But you probably do need words because it would go something like this: "If fifteen scientists signed up for the talk on Moleculology and the fire code says that only 1500 pounds of person can safely be shoved into the room, how many hot chicks will be on the panel?"
The Bible used a few word problems earlier when Noah was building the ark and sending out reservations. I always thought the train word problems from scientists were difficult but The Bible's word problems used words like Cubit that I didn't understand at all! Plus the Word Problems in The Bible keep changing! With Noah, it was 2 pairs of every animal and then 7 of every animal unless it meant 7 pairs of every animal and then how many animals did Noah kill after the trip and how could the animals reproduce if Noah went around killing half of however many there were and could you please answer in Cubits? At least Abraham's math problem had a yes or no answer!
The Winner: FAITH!
Faith wins because the answer is probably always God. And questions with the same answer are pretty easy to figure out. Science ends up with answers that mix numbers with letters and that has never made any sense to anybody!




Judging people is one of God's favorite pastimes. It is also one of the favorite pastimes of Mankind! This is probably because of the whole made in His own image thing.

Algebra is a way of doing math and spelling at the same time.

If you're an evil sinner, be sure to live in a place that has at least 10 righteous people and you'll be safe from God's wrath!

The first Choose Your Own Peradventure book was called המערה של זמן.

I would love to play a Computer Role-Playing Game based on The Bible. Maybe you could play different characters across many generations and build up some sort of Nations points by doing God's work. Of course, you'd have to fight trolls and find magic rings and explore dungeons too! Also, this is my pitch to any Christian Gaming Company and if any of them steal my idea, I'll sue! Unless they steal my idea but still hire me to help write it!


Choose one.

A. Discuss the importance of Abraham starting his righteous people argument at 50 and ending at 10.
God is unsure about telling Abraham his plan. Does Abraham live up to God's expectations after he tells him? Are God's expectations just visions of the future since he's Omnieverything?
Who the heck ARE those three guys hanging out with God?



Two trains are traveling in opposite directions. One leaves Haran at 12:30 BC going 45 Cubits per hour. The other train leaves Sodom at 4:30 going 60 Cubits per hour. Draw them as they meet. Or fall into a slime pit. Or break down due to trains not being very good way back then. Or existing.



If you beg and plead and haggle with God, he'll do whatever you want.